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In this world of development and continuous working, it is important that you keep yourself fit to stay focus on your goals. We know that it might seem out to be difficult that fitness is maintained with daily stuff routine. And this is furthermore difficult in the later ages. This is where the need of programs like Steve’s Old School New Body is felt.

The program has been developed with the purpose of creating ease for the people of later ages. We know that you find the work out difficult if you are above 30 or 40’s. Similarly, in order to make it easy, we can say that almost 80 to 90% of the older age population do not go for the fitness goals. They only like to sit around and do the daily chores. Well, we are not talking for those people. Today we are going to address those people who want to work out and get the results in time so that they may look great even at the later stages.

What is Old School New Body?

old school new body bookThe Old School New Body program is developed with the purpose of helping out the older people. Those people who want to look fit and good like the young ones, but their daily routine or issues do not let them. They may be having the reason of bad guidance or slower workout aptitude in later stages. But what they are actually lacking is proper nutrition and workout routine.

The program contains a complete descriptive approach to deal with the issues one faces in old age. So whether you are at 40 years of age or at 50’s, this program has been developed with the particular one reason, Fitness.

The workouts are general like the people do in gym and the diet is almost natural to be followed for good health. So making it all easy for the old ones to get in shape like the good old days when all the women were around looking after your great peaks and 6 packs.

How it works?

Old School New Body system contains 3 main stages of workout and diet plan. This is because it runs step by step and the results are only seen after the complete workout.

Getting lean: The first step is 3 days a week training program that allows to get rid of the fat content in body and really lean yourself. Not really for the hardcore strong bodybuilder, the 4 exercise program is first in the step of great shape and physique. It naturally increases the testosterone production for the muscle formation and fat loss. Your sex potential will also get a boost after this.

exercises and fitnessGetting into shape: The next step is to make the shape you can build upon. Like the extension of shoulders, building of back and potential features of good physique. The work out is done for 45 minutes and is carried out for only 3 days in a week. Extensive time is spent upon reducing the chances of injury.

Building muscle: The next step is to build the muscle. It combines the F4X training module with some other workouts in order so that the results are seen n short time. Higher weight training is also preferred so that the results come on surface really fast.

The program just not ends over here. In the Old School New Body e-book module, it comes with the diet plan which is mostly natural and help the builders in getting that lean and excellent physique. It also covers the fat loss portion and sex potential building at the later stages. So all in one package for the old people.

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The Founder of The Program

steve and becky holmanThe author Steve Holman is himself above the age of 50. This is important point to discuss since, the maker is no longer a young person, he knows the importance of the working hard for the older people. He has the best of physiques when it comes to body building. He is a mentor and have looked after thousands of successful clients till this day and continued to do so. He collectively appreciates the efforts in body building, nutrition and combines it with the overall performance in gym.

The co-founder or the attached athlete in the program is Becky Holman, who is the wife of Steve Holman. We know that without understanding the needs of a woman, it is impossible to deal with them. For this it is important that the program is designed by a woman herself. So Becky makes it confirm that the female version of the program is dealt with, perfectly. Furthermore, it is important to state that Becky has been in the field of body building and fitness for the last 10 years.

Pros of the program

This program has the following benefits:

  • High performance from the athlete point of view.
  • The program is easy to follow comparatively.
  • No use of special equipment’s and the ones needed are easily available in the market.
  • The bookish material is easy to follow and well organized too. There are different sections and one can follow it according to need.
  • The 3 phase development system comprehensively attacks even the slightest of muscle group.
  • The most important point is that it comes at the money back guarantee of 60 days. So in case you are not happy, return it back.

Cons of the program

The video format description is not available. Secondly only the online pdf version is accessible. So no bookish thing. Furthermore, one can emphasize more on the nutrition section.

Concluding Remarks

Getting healthy and fit is the demand of every one. But very few people want it in the later stages in the form of workout and diet. The Old School New Body plan is a complete guide for helping those old people who are into this business and want to work hard to get themselves fit. So go for it if you are looking for some young girls around you.