my bikini belly

belly fatToday in this world when everyone wants to get himself fit, it is very important to remain lean and healthy at every age possible. For the young people out there, getting fit is not a major task. But for any woman or man of age higher than 30 or 35, it almost seems impossible. This is because of the sole reason that as our age progresses, the burdens we take up to yourself increase with time. And our lifestyle gets dirty, allowing the higher accumulation of belly fat and carb in other parts of the body.

This is true that you wouldn’t have seen many fit women in the higher age. For men if they hit the gym hard it seems possible. But for the housewives and general women, it completely seems impossible. This is where the program like “My Bikini Belly” comes into action.

In this My Bikini Belly review, we are going to take a deep look into this program. This will help you in deciding if this program is really for you or not.

What ‘My Bikini Belly’ is all about?

my bikini bellyThe My Bikini Belly program has been designed by an athlete to get the women around solution of their problems. It not only gathers the information about losing your fat but also makes mental aptitude improvement easy.

The main aim of the My Bikini Belly Workout is to target the fatty tissues or elements inside your belly to get dissolved with time. This may can happen because of your exercise or diet. So the program tries to combines the best possible exercises, that the women of every age can do easily.

Moreover, the program is limited to only 21 days, so it is not so much difficult to follow it in any case. You live in home or you are working lady, it only takes an hour at most to perform the daily exercises mentioned in there. And the rest of the work is performed by the diet intake which one can manage easily.

Since it is all based on the natural elements and are available in daily stores. We can sum up the benefits of the program in 3 points and those are:

  • Targeting the fat storing spaces. Like the belly and lower thigh etc. They mostly contain or accumulate the fat because of excessive sitting at a place.
  • The Menopause molecules which are responsible for the fat storage are destroyed forever. The water retaining capability is damaged one and for all, as they are destroyed.
  • Upholding the overall working mechanism of the whole body. Many women are weak in the later ages because of their lifestyle. But ones you follow the Shawna’s My Bikini Belly plan, you will feel the utmost strength of yours.

Shawna Kaminski – The Author of My Bikini Belly System

shawna kaminski photoShawna Kaminski is the author and maker of this tremendous program. It is very important to mention that the program author is an athlete herself, so she knows what to do and when to do in order to burn out the belly. The main purpose of the My Bikini Belly PDF was to guide the commoners around more about health and fitness and the athlete has succeeded in doing so far.

Moreover the author is herself standing at the age of 40, more fitter than probably most of the women at age of 24. So that is an extra benefit when it comes to motivating the people around. She is old, and she knows it better than anyone else in fitness market.





  • The first and the foremost important advantage is that it specifically targets the women of older age, who are mostly left unconcerned. This is the tragedy of our culture that we do not pay heed to the older ones who need more physical attention than the young people.
  • The program is the combination of exercises and diet plans that are natural. There is no need for the use of the pills or other extra supplement because the only supplements you will need will come from the natural diet.
  • The workout as though many women find difficult to follow, are short time and intense ready to melt out the core fat. So you do not need to stay longer on your exercising mat and stay lean.
  • The time lapse you may need to take break from your daily routine is 21 days only. It means in 21 days you will have that flat belly pack that you have always strived for.
  • 60 days’ money back guarantee makes it premium if you want to get it. If you are not satisfied or results are not up to the demand of yours, you can return it back.

Cons of the program

The only hated point we can find of Shawna Kaminski’s My Bikini Belly is that it requires you to download it from the internet in digital form. You cannot get the hard copy of the program. It might be good for the younger ones out there, but for those who don’t know how to use the internet or computer at later age, will consider it as a disadvantage.

Secondly you need to follow it step by step and no cheating is allowed. Otherwise the author do not guarantee the results.

Concluding Words about “My Bikini Belly”

The author of the program is convinced to a great extent that the prescribed method inside My Bikini Belly program will get results in short interval. One can find the true picture only when there is a physical evidence and yes there are thousands of satisfied elder people around who have used this program for greater advantage. There is no usage of unnatural medicines or pills in whole program as well that can react back in long time after.

So if you are also one of those women who are looking for ways to get rid of the belly fat problem, here is the rightest of choices for you to go on. It demands hard word on your part and in return guarantees the best result in short time. Just give 21 days of your busy schedule and My bikini belly workout will not leave you hopeless anymore.

Here are video in which Shawna teaches #1 Reason for Hormone Imbalance for Women 40+