Diabetes TreatmentHello everyone I am Jim Masterson,

According American Diabetes Association, Diabetes is very rapidly growing disease and it is expected that diabetes could affect 15% or more than 37 million Americans by 2015. Additionally, diabetes is also known as silent-killer disease because there are many American who are living with diabetes but they are unaware of this condition.

Due to increase in the rate of diabetes, there are many people who are trying to make money with this rapid growing health disease. Recently we saw lots of program arrived in the market claiming to reverse diabetes permanently but they can’t able to back their claim with results. That is the reason many people lost all their hopes for reversing diabetes and back on their insulin shots and medicines.

But wait,

Recently Rick Everett released his new program called Diabetes Destroyed. You heard the name of this program but you are having doubts. Don’t get excited because this is not a miracle cure that can totally reverse your diabetes overnight. This program contains instruction that will able you to remove symptoms of diabetes from your body and let you enjoy normal life.

If you are looking for some sort of miracle cure then please leave this page because this is not the right program for you. On other hand if you want to remove diabetes symptoms without chemical-filled medicines and shots then keep reading this Diabetes Destroyed review as in this review I have shared my personal experience with this program and explain how it help me that will give you clear idea if it is worth the investment for you.

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So, let’s start this review…

What is Diabetes Destroyed?

Diabetes DestroyedIt is best describe as a diabetes treatment protocol that will able you to improve insulin production, keep sugar level in normal range and reverse the signs and symptoms of Diabetes in just 28 days. This treatment protocol is created by Ricky Everett who is a marathon runner, previous diabetes patient and also a researcher.

Ricky Everett with the help of Dr. Joseph Borden did a research in which they found Free Fatty Acids (FFAs) as a real culprit of type II diabetes. This is because FFAs are FREE to roam in bloodstream and they affect the functions of liver and pancreas (where insulin production takes place).

Although there are many prescribe medicines like Acipimox available in the market that can improve insulin production but, these medicines contain many negative side effects in which stomach pain, itching and skin redness are few of them. Moreover, Acipimox is just a synthetic version of Niacin. Dr. Joseph Borden did enough research on Niacin to find right treatment plan that will make Niacin to absorb in the body and deliver to other organs of the body that will reverse the symptoms of diabetes in 28 days.

In this program you will find out two different types of list:

  1. The first type of list consists of Niacin-rich foods such as chicken, meat, beef, fish and legumes
  2. The second type of list consists of herbs/supplement that contain organic minerals and vitamins

Further in this program you will find out how to combine niacin-rich foods and herbal extract to improve insulin production by destroying Free Fatty Acids (FFAs) and reducing diabetes symptoms.

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How Diabetes Destroyed Helped Me?

Ricky EverttI was born in Tacoma, Washington but due to some financial crisis I have moved to Albany, NY. Since it is new city I have to work overtime to arrange some additional money for my family. But, due to overload and stress my lifestyle starts getting worst. Within 6 months I diagnosed with Type II diabetes. This broke me up very badly and I stop going out with my family.

When my wife showed me Ricky Everett’s Diabetes Destroyed, I was very much skeptical about it first. But since it contains 60-days money back guarantee I decided to test this program.

Within just two weeks of testing it out, my blood sugar goes down from 300 to 150! And my blood sugar stays within the range of 110 to 140 although it’s been months since I used this guide.

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Pros #1 – Proven and Verified:

DiabetesRicky Everett and Joseph Borden are two researchers who did enough research on Acipimox. Ricky Everett was himself diabetes patient and his reading is 400 mg/dl. After suffering from the side effects of Acipimox he started researching about this medicines and found list of natural foods that contain Niacin. Niacin is the organic compound that is found in various foods. By combining Niacin-dense foods with mineral supplements you can increase the production of insulin.

Pros #2 – All Natural Treatment Plan:

Although prescribe diabetes medicines have benefits but on other hand they contain some negative side effects. But, Diabetes Destroyed is the completely natural program because you will find list of Niacin rich foods that will improve insulin production naturally. Additionally, the mineral and vitamin supplement recommended by Ricky Everett are common vitamin supplements that don’t have any negative side effect. So we can say that you don’t have to deal with negative effects in this program.

Pros #3 – Suitable For Everyone:

It doesn’t matter either you are suspect to diabetes type II or you are already diagnosed with it. Everyone regardless of his age, type of diabetes and situation can utilize Diabetes Destroyed and improved the production of insulin.

Pros #4 – Targets The Root Cause:

Since authors discovered that excess amount of Free Fatty Acids (FFAs) are the root cause of diabetes type I and II, the treatment plan you will discovered inside this program will remove FFAs and increase insulin production. That is the reason we can say that Diabetes Destroyed treats the root cause of diabetes

Cons #1 – Available In Digital Format Only:

Many people prefer to get digital format because it reduce the delivery time and they get immediate access to the program. But on other hand few people think it would be good if author provided option to purchase physical copy.

Cons #2 – Different Results:

There are over ten thousand people who utilize this program and some of them get results in as short as 2 weeks but some have to wait for 28 days. Even there are few people who take longer than 28 days to get any noticeable results.

Is it Worth the Investment?

Diabetes Destroyed program is for all those people who are suffering from Type I and Type II diabetes and they want to remove their symptoms without any insulin shots or prescribe medicines. However, this program is also can be utilize by people who want to decrease the risk of this life-threatening disease.

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