Causes of Type 2 Diabetes

causes of type 2 diabetesDiabetes is the most common chronic disease all over the world and there are over 85% diabetes patients that are living with type 2 diabetes and most of them don’t know they are having diabetes in their body. Although Type 2 diabetes is considered as the disease of rich countries but according to research 80% diabetes patients are living in countries that World Bank marked as normal-to-low income countries.

According to WHO survey, there are around 30 million diabetes patients in 1985 which increases sharply and reached 336 millions in 2011. Based on this estimation, the number of diabetes patients will increase till 550 million in 2030.

There are many causes of type 2 diabetes in which some of them but not limited to are: obesity, high blood pressure, poor diet, bad lifestyle habits, Alcoholism and low level of activity level. However it is seems that diabetes also cause by pregnancy, medical therapy and side effects of certain medicines.

Causes of Type 2 Diabetes:

In all type 2 diabetes patients, the major cause is either insulin resistance or relatively insulin deficiency. However, Type 2 diabetes is not the signal health condition. Some patients with Type 2 diabetes later found that their body has Autoimmune Diabetes In Adult (LADA) while in some other type 2 diabetes patient upon investigation found they are having secondary type like pancreatic.

Research also showed that patients with type 2 diabetes (after 5-15 years of diagnosed) found difficulty in glycemic control and such group of patients become Ketosis prone.

Environmental Risk Factor:

hypertensionThe first and most common cause of type 2 diabetes is overweight. However, many people with Obesity (BMI greater than 41) are on higher risk of obtaining diabetes. Other common cause of type 2 diabetes is lack of exercise or low level of activity. Now these days we prefer to go shopping in car doesn’t matter if mall is at few steps far. We start preferring elevator instead of using stairs. All these modern days connivance reducing activity level in our life and as a result we are getting overweight.

Additionally it is found the born child whose mother had gestational diabetes is on higher risk of obtaining diabetes. It is considered that low birth weight children are predisposed to diabetes and obesity.

Greater level of obesity increases level of insulin resistance and that is the reason why most of the leaner patients of Diabetes Type 2 found severe insulin resistance and in this group at least one of them adopt LADA.

There is great controversy about diabetes patients in European region because it is globally accepted that diabetes occur either because of insulin resistance or relatively insulin deficiency in the body but there are many people in Europe region that are living with either higher level of insulin or lower level of insulin but they don’t have any diabetes. For that reason it is safe to say that insulin resistance is not only reason for diabetes.

On further research it is discover that beta cells deficiency (either they inherited tendency or they reduce functionality) is also one of the causes for type 2 diabetes. In such beta cells deficiencies the beta cells stop responding to insulin or start behaving in abnormal pattern. These abnormalities of Beta cells are largely reversible with the help of surgery.


There is always a strong connection between hypertension and diabetes. There are around 50% obese people with type 2 diabetes that are having hypertension. Non-diabetic people also have tendency to develop hypertension. However, diabetes patients are more likely to develop low renin hypertension.

In patients with diabetes type 1, hypertension is linked to diabetic neuropathy. But it is often uncertain what causes diabetic neuropathy. Additionally, impaired natriuresis and sodium retention are commonly found in type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients with hypertension.

In the research by UKPDS, researchers confirms that diabetes type 2 treatment should be combine with hypertension treatment because there is a link between blood pressure and diabetic neuropathy. Even a slight reduction in blood pressure helps in reducing in hypertension and blood.

Liver and Pancreas:

Liver and PancreasYou may be wondering what is the role of liver in diabetes? Let me tell you that your liver is more important that insulin in your body. This is because Liver does so many functions to keep your body working properly. It is your chemical factory in your body. Your doctors may don’t know but the function of your liver is very important for maintaining blood sugar in your body.

That’s right your liver plays vital role in maintaining blood sugar in your body. It doesn’t only reduce blood sugar in your body but it is also increase whenever blood sugar falls below the normal level. Liver performs all these functions with the help of hormone called Insulin Growth Factor (IGF).

Whenever body finds blood sugar level less than normal level brain sends signal to the liver to increase blood sugar in the body. Upon receiving signal from brain about lower blood sugar, Liver starts finding one or two different resources to increase sugar in your blood.

Normally, sugar is stored in your muscles in form of fat. Liver burns fat from these muscles to increase sugar in your blood but this process occurs when you don’t have sugar in liver or pancreas – normally during fasting.

To allow your liver to work properly for eliminating toxic and excess sugar from your body you have to make sure that your liver should continue working with full efficiency. If your liver doesn’t work with full efficiency then it is different for excess sugar to get out from your body.

So the question is how you can make your body to use liver to cure your diabetes? Simply you have to increase just 20% efficiency of your liver. By increasing just 20% efficiency of your liver you can take stress off from pancreas. Inside Ricky’s Diabetes Destroyed program you will learn step-by-step guidelines on how you can improve the efficiency of liver by not only increasing IGF but also increasing efficiency for cleansing blood from excess sugar and fat liqids.

This short video will show you type 2 diabetes treatment:

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