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If you are looking for unbiased and honest review on The 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie then you have reached to the right place.

diabetes treatmentMany people think they can’t able to reverse type 2 diabetes and they have to live with their condition throughout their life. These people believe on their doctor’s advice with closed eyes. Doctors prescribe medicines that just control diabetes but they don’t cure diabetes from its roots.

If you want to get out from the slave of diabetes medicines that costing you thousands of dollars every year then you have to look for drug-free diabetes solution. There are many 4 powerful drug-free diabetes solutions that not only cure diabetes permanently but also improve overall health.

One of such drug-free diabetes solution is created by the team of doctors at ICTM (International Council for Truth in Medicine) called “7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie”. If you haven’t heard about this program then visit this link to watch free video.

It is possible you have already heard the name of this diabetes treatment program but you are now confuse and want to know if it does work for you or not. For this reason, I downloaded this diabetes treatment myself and after reading and testing it for 3 months I am now back to write down my honest and revealing review. (Although I don’t have diabetes but I download this guide to provide my honest review)

Let’s take about this program:

What is 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie?

7 Steps to HealthIt is detailed 500 pages guide that is created by the team of doctors at ICTM for all those men and women who want to cure their diabetes from its root and get out from the cage of diabetes drugs and medicines. This 500-pages guide is jam packed with lots of researches that show it is possible to reverse type-2 diabetes without drugs and insulin shots.

This guide is also for patients of type-1 diabetic patients who want to reduce drugs and insulin shots by lowering down blood sugar. Additionally, this guide is also designed for pre-diabetes and other common individuals who are on the risk of obtaining diabetes.

After years of research ICTM’s doctors conclude that the main cause of diabetes is not genetics or age or diet but the real cause of diabetes is INFLAMMATION that occur because of molecule called “LTB4” that causes insulin resistance and increase blood sugar. Here is the research by UC San Diego Health that shows how LTB4 module linked to type-2 diabetes and Obesity. In the page 81 of this ‘7 Steps to Health’ guide you will find food that increases inflammation in your body and make diabetes even worst.

If you want to find out more features of this program then I recommend you to watch the video below:


What is International Council of Truth in Medicine (ICTM)?

The great thing is The Big Diabetes Lie guide is not created by a single person or a doctor instead it is the created by the team of 5 doctors that work for ICTM organization.

According to the official website, ICTM is the organization run by 5 doctors named Dr. Valk, Dr. Meto, Dr. Shust and Dr. Sakorikova. This team of doctors is created and lead by health professional named Max Sidorov.


Max Sidorov has created ICTM in the beginning of 2013 to bring different qualified doctors and health professionals into one platform where they can share new and latest development about weight loss, diabetes, asthma and depression. This is the reason you will find the information about these topics in the homepage of ICTM.

According to the official page of ICTM, Max and his team achieved the goal in 2015 by helping over 17,000 type-2 diabetic patients to end the need of drugs, insulin and other prescribe medicines.

I personally did WHOIS checked on their site and found the ICTM’s website was registered on January’11, 2013. With all these credentials, the credibility of Max and his ICTM organization can’t be doubt.

How Does 7 Steps to Health Work?

This guide comes with the 30-days diabetes plan that is designed in such a way that it can cure the root cause of diabetes. However, to obtain best results from this 30-days diet you have to follow it religiously without any excuses.

Additionally, The Big Diabetes Lie book reveal foods that worsen the condition and increase the risk of diabetes. Some of these foods are white sugar, white flour, meat, salt, coffee and many other processed and frozen foods. This book carries on by revealing the dangers of white sugar and how it links to diabetes and high blood pressure.

This guide focuses on low-fat foods and recommends reducing the usage of salt, frozen foods and processed foods. This guide explained how human body has natural ability of healing inflammation and infection but it needs real foods and real water to detoxify all harmful toxics from the body.

Max and his team of doctors have put everything about diabetes in very simple way and it is really easy to understand as well.

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Things That I Liked

  • This guide is full of valuable information that comes from the mind and researches of qualified doctors and health professionals
  • This guide offers 30-days plan that is designed in such a way to provide results in 4 weeks. However, some people start observing results in as little as 7 days
  • This guide offers in digital version ($37) as well as hard copy version ($54). Of course, the hard copy is little expensive than digital version as it includes shipping and printing expense. You will receive the main guide at your door step in 7-15 days but bonuses will be emailed to you so you can start reading right away.
  • Your every concern will disappear when you hear your investment in this guide is protected with 60-days money back guarantee. Yes, you can try this program without any risk for full 60-days.

Things That I Don’t Liked:

  • There are some typos and grammar mistakes in this guide. However, these typos and grammar are very few and I have already emailed Max to remove them
  • Fonts are small that make it difficult to read in room that has no proper lighting.

Final Verdict

Other than typos there is really nothing I can point out against in this book. Everything is laid so simple and I feel Max is providing lot of valuable content at very small fees. I recommend this guide to everyone as I am satisfy with the information that it offers and I hope you will be satisfy with it as well.

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